2016 Event Info


Your Fellowship Rally 2016
Your Fellowship Rally 2016

Your Itinerary

YFR starts with dinner on Wednesday 6th July, 2016. Each day is filled with speakers, small groups and inspiring praise, and plenty of time to connect with old friends and make new ones.

YFR ends with the Remembrance (our Sunday morning worship) on 10th July, 2016.  Watch this space for details on the location of the Remembrance and farewell lunch!

Please visit What to Bring for information on what you should bring to the event.


Your Destination

Cefn Lea Park, Newtown, Powys SY16 4AJ, Wales UK


Getting There

If anyone needs help with directions or has travel concerns, please contact us and we will try to point you in the right direction!





YFR 2016 Full Time Full Time Weekend 1 Day & 1 Night Day Only Per Meal
[Before 30/04/16] [Standard]
13+ £135 £155 £90 £45 £35 £15
5 to 12 £80 £90 £45 £22 £20 £10
Under 5’s 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy
Non-UK 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy 100% Subsidy
1 –  £20 deposit required for each UK booking
2 –  50% deposit required by 30th April to obtain early bird discount
3 – 1 Day & 1 Night is based on up to 3 meals over the day. Additional meals charged on a per meal rate.
4 –  Fees will be capped at £135 for attendees saying off-site overnight for the full event (4 days) if at least 50% deposit received by 30th April, otherwise capped at £140



Accommodation is in comfortable chalets, full bathrooms within. For families, there are a limited number of caravans which will be assigned on first-requested, first-assigned basis.

Meals are provided by the Cefn Lea catering service. Please contact us if you have any special dietary restrictions so that we can inform the kitchen staff.


Who is welcome?

In a word: everybody!  We are hoping for a diverse mix of ages this year and plan on hosting an event that has something for everyone. Children under age 13 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian that can take responsibility for them for the duration of the event.