What to Bring

YFR 2016 is very nearly here!

Here are a few last minute reminders to ensure that everyone is well-prepared:

  • Registration commences at 12 noon on Wednesday 6th July, with the first sitting of dinner at 6pm.
  • You need to bring your own bed linen (a sheet & pillow case) and towels, or hire them from Cefn Lea. Bed linen is £4 and towels are £2.50 (or £5 for bed linen and a towel together).  Most of the rooms are single beds, so it is safe to work on that assumption. Note – all beds come with their own duvet & pillow.
  • Mobile/cell phones generally do not work at Cefn Lea.  The emergency contact number for Cefn Lea is 01686 625275.  The main complex does have wi-fi but the strength and consistency can vary.
  • If you need picking up from Newtown train station on the Wednesday, please contact us via www.yourfellowshiprally.com well ahead of time and we will do our best.  We could well do with some taxi volunteers depending on demand.
  • If you need a lift to the Remembrance in Birmingham on Sunday or have spaces, please sort this out before Sunday morning!  We will have a flipchart up to match people to spaces.
  • Please bring a Bible and PHSS with you, some money for tuck shop, merchandise, Hayes Press stall and more – and, depending on your measure of faith, sun tan lotion and/or wellies.  Also bear in mind that the temperature can dip quite dramatically at night (and it probably won’t be warm to start with).
  • If you haven’t yet paid your balance our preference is for you to pay by online bank transfer in advance (see the website). Alternatively, you can pay by cheque on the day – when you arrive at registration.
  • If you are planning on coming on Saturday, you still need to register online at the website, noting in the comments box that you are coming for the day, we will sort the rest out.  Saturday price is £35 for 13+, £20 for 5-12’s and free for under 5’s.
  • YFR aims to be “peanut sensitive” – please don’t bring any products containing nuts on site.
  • Prepare yourself spiritually for the event – pray about why you are going and what you want/need the outcome to be for yourself and also collectively for the Churches of God.    Ask the Lord to bless the event in a big, noticeable way.
  • If you are not able to be at the event – visit the website www.yourfellowshiprally.com and the YFR Facebook page for updates.  We will do our best to keep updates flowing.