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De Novo – Your Fellowship Rally 2016

Refresh | Revive | Renew

How would it feel to see your relationship with the Lord through fresh eyes?

What would it mean to experience a refreshing of our understanding of His love for us, a revival of our churches and a renewal of our personal and collective commitment to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and to God’s word?

These are themes we look forward to exploring at YFR.

The Latin term De Novo means “from the beginning, newly, or once more” – in legal terms, a fresh look or a new beginning. It speaks to the idea of a renewed level of interest – a revival.

“Return to Me” were the words the Lord spoke through Zechariah and Malachi – prophets who, along with Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai sought to shake the people out of their complacency and refresh their understanding of God’s purposes. The study has been developed so that attendees might be encouraged by lessons from those minor prophets but with an emphasis on practical living today.